Professionalism that we can trust.

-Erica Arthur-

-Erica Arthur- Ovation

All legal matters are handled thoroughly.

-Wendy White-

-Wendy White- Ovation

Resident Services is reliable and successful.

-Lizza Castro-

Prime Group
-Lizza Castro- Prime Group

I feel confident with Karsaz Law.

-Grace Martino-

The Woods
-Grace Martino- The Woods

A valuable extension of our business.

-Debbie Blackford-

Picerne Real Estate Group
-Debbie Blackford- Picerne Real Estate Group

I can always count on them for legal issues.

-Bebe Martinez-

-Bebe Martinez- Greystar

The Karsaz team is simply the best!

-Sheena Casey-

-Sheena Casey- FPI

Legal Services

Karsaz Law is a full service law firm with more than 20 years of experience serving the multifamily industry. With an Associate and Of Counsel network in most states, we provide trusted guidance on how to handle all legally charged matters in today’s complex business environment. 

Risk Management Services

Karsaz Law has developed loss prevention systems tailored for the apartment industry in an effort to reduce liability exposure and all related costs.

Visit Premises RMS for a comprehensive list of our risk management services and benefits.

Visit Fair Housing Assurance to improve your management of fair housing requests and claims.

Our goal is to handle your legal affairs, allowing you to Run Your Business with Confidence.

“They have been a valuable extension of our business. They are a pleasure to work with and I can personally confirm they are easily accessible and quick to respond to any matters I bring to them. I highly recommend Karsaz Law.”

-Debbie Blackford                                                                                       Vice President                                                                                 Picerne Real Estate Group

“FPI Management has been working closely with Karsaz for several years, and we have always been exceedingly satisfied with the level of professionalism. The Karsaz team is simply the best!”

-Sheena Casey                                                                                   Regional Manager                                                                                           FPI

“They are an invaluable tool in keeping things consistent. All potential legal matters and third party complaints are handled thoroughly. Karsaz Law has taken the management of property liability to a different level.”

-Wendy White                                                                                                 Vice President                                                                                               Ovation Property Management

“For the past 10 years I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Karsaz Law at multiple apartment communities. I feel the utmost confidence knowing that I can always count on them to resolve an issue.”

-Bebe Martinez                                                                                                 Business Manager                                                                                           Greystar

“I consider this a highly effective and advantageous program. Resident Services is reliable, consistent and extremely successful in diffusing potential legal matters before they become litigious.”

-Lizza Castro                                                                                                   Senior Regional Manager                                                                             Prime Group

Karsaz Law provides a host of flat fee and hourly services to business and real estate clients. To learn more, or request a complimentary consultation, please complete and submit the following:

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