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Legal Services

Karsaz Law is a full service law firm with more than 20 years of experience serving the real estate industry. With offices in California and Nevada and an Associate and Of Counsel network in most states, we provide trusted guidance on how to handle all legally charged matters in today’s complex business environment.

Risk Management Services

Karsaz Law has developed loss prevention systems tailored for the rental housing industry in an effort to reduce liability exposure and all related costs.

With our programs, you give your teams the resources they need to resolve legal claims before they become bigger issues.

Premises Risk Management Service (Premises RMS) is a program that allows you to reduce the time your team spends handling resident issues, reduce your liability exposure, and increase your legal protections in each matter.

Fair Housing Assurance

Annual training is not sufficient to protect you in today’s legally charged environment.

You’re on the front line, constantly facing issues that you may be unsure of how to handle. Relying on best guesses when approaching fair housing requests can be detrimental. With Fair Housing Assurance, you have access to a team of fair housing experts. Not only are we there to advise you on specific matters, we handle the claims and requests processes so you can focus on the other important aspects of your job.

Your assets and managers deserve the best practices in managing fair housing matters. Our goal is to give you confidence and an expert approach to fair housing requests and claims for a consistent low monthly price.

If you are seeking to centralize the handling of fair housing issues throughout your portfolio, or simply improve the protections for each of your fair housing decisions, the Fair Housing Assurance plan is the right move for peace of mind and protection for all your assets.

Fair Housing Assurance is one of the services provided by Premises RMS. With more than 20 years of experience, Premises RMS has developed proactive systems to protect the multifamily industry from liability exposure.

Premises RMS

The liability risk system for the rental housing industry.

Premises RMS is a program that covers multiple legal services for a low monthly flat fee.

Instead of paying by the hour, your regional and onsite teams have access to legal support at all times for one low price. Budget consistently and avoid spikes in cost when issues arise. With Premises RMS, you can rest assured that your resident issues are handled with precision and expertise.

Our risk systems are developed by litigators at Karsaz Law with more than 20 years of multifamily litigation defense experience to prevent and/or protect you in the event of litigation.

We tailor state-specific programs, strategies and tactics which best suit your real estate company with the goal of reducing liability exposure and costs.

Our risk systems are intended to support onsite and regional managers, as well as corporate general counsel and risk managers.

With an increasingly litigious liability environment, Premises RMS has well-tested risk systems to help protect your assets and employees.

Unlawful Detainer

Karsaz Law has streamlined evictions with programs catered to your individual assets.

Handling all types of unlawful detainer matters with expertise, Karsaz Law has quickly become the leading choice for eviction services. We handle all aspects of the eviction process, giving you peace of mind and freeing you from the burden of processing unlawful detainer matters.

Client Testimonials

They have been a valuable extension of our business. They are a pleasure to work with and I can personally confirm they are easily accessible and quick to respond to any matters I bring to them. I highly recommend Karsaz Law.


Debbie Blackford

Vice President, Picerne

They are an invaluable tool in keeping things consistent. All potential legal matters and third party complaints are handled thoroughly. Karsaz Law has taken the management of property liability to a different level.


Wendy White

Vice President, Ovation

FPI Management has been working closely with Karsaz for several years, and we have always been exceedingly satisfied with the level of professionalism. The Karsaz team is simply the best!


Sheena Casey

Regional Manager, FPI

Smart, affordable, and professional. Someone we can trust with Fair Housing issues.


Erica Arthur

Regional Manager, Ovation

I consider this a highly effective and advantageous program. Resident Services is reliable, consistent and extremely successful in diffusing potential legal matters before they become litigious.


Lizza Castro

Senior Regional Manager, Prime

A very valuable extension of our business and service we can count on.


Debbie Blackford

Vice President, Picerne

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