Our services are designed for property management

As a premier choice for landlord-tenant services, clients choose us because of our instincts and experience handling the complicated issues that property managers face.

"I have had the privilege of working with Karsaz Law the last few years as our property management company utilizes their Eviction Processing and Resident Services Departments.

I cannot speak enough of how valuable their services, advice and support have been. "

Bobbi Anderson, Director, FPI Management

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Resident Services Department ℠

Our Dispute Resolution and Claims Management program is designed to conquer the unique challenges of property management. The program’s goal is to diffuse matters before they become litigious and avoid the need for costly lawyers and insurance claims. We manage resident and third party claims, requests, and disputes proactively, providing claims management and risk assessments to onsite and regional managers.

Apartment Eviction Services

We have designed our eviction services to fit the workflows of apartment management teams. Our case managers are trained in multifamily eviction case management, providing a high level of communication, follow-up, and organization. We offer customized eviction case reporting so property managers can track their eviction cases to improve oversight of daily operations, delinquency, and vacancy.

Expanding to the Nevada market?

We provide legal guidance to property management entities expanding to the Nevada housing market. We offer legal training, lease reviews, and guidance on policies and procedures under Nevada law. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can help.
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