National Apartment Association provides information on Federal Government’s “Renters Bill of Rights” initiative

The Biden Administration has created the Blueprint for a “Renters Bill of Rights.


This initiative comes stems from a Biden administration campaign promise. The administration is attempting to increase fairness in the rental market and further fair housing through a variety of program directives and plans in support of affordable housing and increased tenant protections. They have explained that the Blueprint creates principles to drive government action in a way that promotes rental affordability.

Over the past few months, the National Apartment Association has worked with the White House to maintain a seat at the table and express the concerns of industry members in response to aggressive housing advocate proposals, including the adoption of nationwide rent control. The NAA is proud to say that its efforts, including a letter to the President from it and other national associations, were instrumental in avoiding extreme policy changes through executive order.


What are the key principles in the Renters Bill of Rights?

According to a fact sheet provided by the White House directly, the Blueprint centers around what advocates believe are essential renter protections:

  1. “Safe, Quality, Accessible, and Affordable Housing: Renters should have access to housing that is safe, decent, and affordable.
  2. Clear and Fair Leases: Renters should have a clear and fair lease that has defined rental terms, rights, and responsibilities.
  3. Education, Enforcement, and Enhancement of Renter Rights: Federal, state, and local governments should do all they can to ensure renters know their rights and to protect renters from unlawful discrimination and exclusion.
  4. The Right to Organize: Renters should have the freedom to organize without obstruction or harassment from their housing provider or property manager.
  5. Eviction Prevention, Diversion, and Relief: Renters should be able to access resources that help them avoid eviction, ensure the legal process during an eviction proceeding is fair, and avoid future housing instability.”



What changes should housing providers expect?

Our office is presently evaluating the impact of the Renters Bill of Rights on the rental housing industry. NAA is also in the early stages of analyzing the Renters Bill of Rights. We will continue to provide updates as new developments unfold.

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