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Are your resident screening practices up to date? (Registration Closed)

Are your resident screening practices up to date?

January 25, 2024  |  9:30 AM PST  |  Live Webinar

Presented by Karsaz Law attorneys Eric Newmark, Esq. and Amy Leigh, Esq.


In this seminar, Eric and Amy will provide essential information on screening rental applications and criminal backgrounds in 2024.  In the rental housing industry, there are myriad guidelines, laws, and practices that Nevada property management professionals need to be aware of in order to avoid costly legal pitfalls.


The topic of rental application screening has been a widely discussed aspect of the landlord-tenant relationship.  Laws and guidance on the subject span from the federal level (Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s memos on the subject) to the state level (26 states have some form of screening limitation law in place), but there’s still confusion regarding what to do when screening a potential resident’s application.


Join our speakers to learn about the trends, issues, laws, and best practices you need to know when developing and implementing your rental application screening policies.


Topic Overview

  • Latest developments in resident screening guidelines. Understand how trends and societal shifts impact screening practices.

  • How to avoid pitfalls in screening decisions. Learn how the decision to approve or deny an applicant can have serious consequences – and how to avoid them.

  • Resident screening laws and regulations you need to comply with. Make sure your current practices are in line with these rules and laws.

  • Criminal background screening requirements. Learn the myriad rules and issues surrounding the use of criminal background in housing decisions, and how to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Understanding the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Be sure that your policies are in line with existing requirements.

  • Fair Housing laws and implications. Understand how your screening decisions can have a fair housing impact.


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn important information property managers need to know.

Featured Speakers

Eric Newmark

Eric Newmark

Senior Attorney, Karsaz Law

Amy Leigh

Amy Leigh

Attorney, Karsaz Law

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