2023 Legislative Session Summary

During Nevada’s recent Legislative Session, housing providers faced serious changes to the legal processes that govern their policies and daily operations.

As the leading landlord law firm in Nevada, active involvement in these proposals was our priority, and we proudly fought on the front lines to protect our industry. As legal counsel for the Nevada State Apartment Association, we worked diligently to navigate the bills presented in this legislative session. Below are some of the most impactful housing bills introduced this session, and the final results of each.


SB 381: Signed, effective July 1, 2023

Prohibits charges to tenants for habitability and other repairs performed by landlord

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SB 335: Vetoed

This bill effectively continued AB 486 by extending a tenant’s ability to obtain a stay on eviction proceedings if they have a pending rental assistance application; also authorized justice courts to create eviction diversion programs

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SB 371: Vetoed

This bill would have allowed counties and cities to establish their own rent control and related laws, bypassing state legislative processes

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SB 78: Vetoed

This bill was a substantial revision to landlord-tenant laws found in both NRS 40 and NRS 118A, including late fee grace periods, disclosures for all fees, and limiting collection fees

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SB 395: Vetoed

Creates a registry of companies owning real estate

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AB 340: Vetoed

Revised the existing summary eviction process with additional service and filing requirements, creating further delays and costs for landlords

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AB 218: Vetoed

Added fee disclosure requirements; limited online payment fees to actual third party costs; allowed tenants to sue for violations

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AB 298: Vetoed

Created statewide rent control for persons 62 or older and those on a fixed income

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SB 426: Not passed

Created statewide rent control, with the ability for housing providers to apply for limited exemptions on case-by-case basis


SB 143: Not passed

Limited criminal background screening


AB 176: Not passed

Added source of income as a basis for discrimination


AB 123: Not passed

Mandated the acceptance of rental obligations insurance


AB 362: Not passed

Created statewide rent control


AB 327: Not passed

Required manager (fourplex or more) to have an NRED Property Management Permit


AB 447: Not passed

Mandated disclosures for the processing of collection payments


AB 87: Not passed

Mandated the removal of a service animal exhibiting aggressive behavior when requested; also allowed public transport operators to question the nature of the service animal

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