Nevada’s Rental Industry Showed Opposition to SB 335

Nevada’s Rental Industry Showed Up to Oppose Harmful Bill SB 335

The last-minute hearing for Senate Bill 335 occurred on Thursday, May 18, 2023, and members of our industry attended to show their opposition.  This bill would extend AB 486 protections and allow courts to create their own eviction diversion programs.

We sincerely appreciate the show of support from clients and industry members who stood in opposition as representatives of our industry.  The impact of this moment was an important part of the hearing, and we couldn’t have done this without each of you.

Members of our industry testified against this bill at the hearing.  You can watch the hearing and their testimonies by clicking below.


  1. At 2:44:33: Brenda Lovato, IREM and General Services Corporation
  2. At 2:46:27: Ruth Garcia, Westland Real Estate Group
  3. At 2:47:13: Mike Parish, CREDO LV Program
  4. At 2:49:20: Robin Lee, Executive Director, Nevada State Apartment Association
  5. At 2:51:26: Chris Karsaz, Principal and Attorney, Karsaz Law


We will keep you informed as further developments arise.  In the meantime, view our 2023 Legislative Session updates page.



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